Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service that eliminates the need for businesses to manage their email in-house. When you outsource your email, your emails are processed through secure and reliable servers housed in datacenters throughout the United States. The email is then delivered to your inbox or to your intended recipients. The process of transferring your email accounts to an email hosting company is usually a seamless one-in fact, we perform seamless customer migrations every day.

In addition to processing and delivering your email, a good email host should go to great lengths to filter your spam, protect your inbox from viruses, and provide you with anytime/anywhere access through webmail desktop clients and wireless devices. Simply put-email hosting is a cost-efficient, "No Hardware, No Software" approach to managing a company-wide email system.

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Enterprise Level Hosting

In today's web-centric marketplace, your business cannot afford delays, downtime, or server outages. To safeguard against such events, our partners allow us to offer vigilant, reliable, 24x7x365 support and custom hosting solutions to keep your business available around the clock.

Managed Service Levels

There are three managed service levels that are offered through our partner:

Availability & Accessibility
This package provides basic managed service for limited 24X7 monitoring and management of system availability at regular intervals, security analysis and online bandwidth utilization reporting. Failure of a component triggers a series of confirmation checks and activates the Incident Notification and Escalation Process. Frequent polling and monitoring by our Technical Administrators continues until service is restored.

Health & Performance
The Health & Performance Managed Service package includes all the functionality of the Availability & Accessibility Managed Service package along with additional monitoring and management of system and processes through established parameters and multiple thresholds. Deviation from these 'norms. triggers alerts with varying degrees of severity activating the Incident Notification and Escalation Process. Our Technical Administrators will work to monitor and optimize system performance, ensure overall system operations and return the system back to it operational state in a timely manner in the event of a process failure. This level of management provides a more process focused approach to the monitoring and management of your systems.

Comprehensive Management 24x7 Reliability and Recovery Service
Our partner's Comprehensive Management Service includes all the benefits of both the Availability & Accessibility and Health & Performance Managed Service packages while providing additional enhancements that automatically launches pre-defined system recovery routines when monitor thresholds are exceeded. If necessary, our partner's Technical Administrators will replace failed components, perform multiple attempts to recover, and perform system restores.

Virtual Call Center

The Virtual Call Center is a hosted call center management solution that combines the call distribution capabilities of an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system with the data collection capabilities of IVR/speech recognition technology, all in one easy-to-use web interface-Site Builder.

Queue and route calls; monitor calls in real time; archive historical reports of agent and call activity and more:

* Advanced ACD/call queuing with skills-based routing
* Fully-integrated speech-enabled IVR capabilities
* Real-time monitoring and reporting