Software Solutions

True Aim Group has provided software services to some of the largest retailers and distributors in the United States, including Home Depot, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Dell. The firsthand knowledge and expertise of our staff, our excellent customer service and the quality of the products we have developed has been the foundation to our success with these companies. We have provided simple web solutions for hundreds of local and national companies, and have also helped many other companies realize their true potential by equiping them with custom solutions that deliver results immediately.

One of True Aim Group's software solutions is Web So Simple. Web So Simple is powerful open-source Content Management software that dynamically touches many different areas of your business and gives your company or organization an easy alternative to maintain complex websites and portals.

We have geared Web So Simple for even the most basic user to make easy updates, create an unlimited amount of pages with information and links, and have provided specific tools that you can use to reach customers and focus on core aspects of your business.

Web So Simple is an open-source solution, where all you need to maintain a web portal is an internet connection. Traditional enterprise-level static infrastructures are becoming one-dimensional and obsolete. Web So Simple can change the scope of your business by helping you focus on the things that you care about, like generating sales and making money! Visit our site today, at

Custom Solutions

True Aim Group can help you streamline your processes by giving you industry-specific, customizable solutions that target problem areas or 'points of pain' that you face everyday. Our belief is that if you focus on the largest problem areas and eliminate those first, then work your way toward your goals, that you will see the greatest results and benefits immediately.

Our low-costing solutions will help you get rid of these black holes of your business, where your resources and money are being tied up and your business is not really moving forward. Why be stagnant and continue to throw money at patch-work solutions? Our dynamic strategies resulting from collaboration with your team members and our experienced process managers guarantee that your company will be outfitted with a new set of tires that will give you the strongest traction in your industry.