We can offer the only complete on-demand IVR/call center product platform on the market. And because these solutions are hosted, anyone can build, manage and analyze IVR solutions with only a web browser and our Site Builder toolkit. No additional investment in software necessary.


Build and deploy any solution within days, not weeks, using Site Builder. With no hardware, software or specialists required, the solutions can be rapidly developed and deployed at a fraction of the cost of traditional IVR. Build inbound IVR applications such as order lines, store locators, or outbound applications such as surveys, alerts and invitations.


Queue and route calls; monitor calls in real time; archive historical reports of agent and call activity-all without additional investments in hardware, software, or human resources. As an integrated solution or as a complete Virtual Call Center, call center management is easier, more efficient and more cost-effective.


With fully-integrated call recording and analysis, users get a thorough and easy-to-understand overview of all customer interactions, allowing them to pinpoint trouble spots and improve caller experiences. With Call Analyzer's flexible recording and reporting features, entire calls (or portions of calls) can be recorded, browsed, searched and archived - or compiled into an interactive report.