Installation Solutions



Jerrold “Gus” Neal is one of the most knowlegeable technicians in the QSR Industry. He is very experienced at installing and servicing all drive-thru systems. If you need help troubleshooting your system, get Gus on the job. Gus quality assures all of our technicians work. His processes and procedures are the gold standard for our installation technicians.

Timer Installation and Service

We provide installation fulfillment for top timer manufacturers accross the country. We have the ability to perform installations accross the western United States. Our turn-key approach to following specific procedures insure a quality job done on-time and with the least amount of disruptions possible.

Loop and Sensor Installation

Professional installation of sensor loops. Carefully laid out, measured and securely connected to ensure long life and reliability. We have the equipment to meter and measure the effectiveness of your existing loops. Call us for pricing and availability.

Intercom and Pedestal Services

We offer over 20 years of drive-thru experience whether it is a problem outside with the pedestal or sensors to programming and servicing the headsets and the base station. We will provide prompt professional service with only the finest hardware and quality finishes.